Update for Awesome Soccer: The Killfreak Temple Update - v0.5.2

(Released 25/04/20) - Adds a new area, 1 new weapon and numerous fixes.

  • Added a button to export/import saves
  • Wiped saves again due to minor changes to the format
  • Added a new secret area, the Killfreak Temple, accessed by obtaining a certain ball. Completing it unlocks the Breakdawner.
  • Added a new weapon, the Shield of Resistance, which does not deal damage but increases your defense for the next enemy turn and grants 10% block chance. Can be empowered to increase the defense buff.
  • When an entity has status effects, a * is appended to their name to indicate it, and hint at the ability to view status effects by hovering over someone’s name.
  • Removed the autobattler button. With the addition of combat, autobattler was confusing, and I don’t think it’s a feature anyone will really miss. It may be brought back in the future.
  • Added player-specific lines for inflicting a status effect. No more “Player’s defense has increased!” type of stuff.


  • Fixed reapplying non-stackable status effects not resetting the duration
  • Applying a new stack of a status effect now calls onApply()
  • Fixed the ball not working after winning a fight