About Team Pinewood

We're a pair of friends who play and make games. This website is dedicated to showcasing the stuff we've made.

The team:


Programmer, and the (relatively) hard-working dude of the team. At least, when exciting new indie releases are off-radar. I write the blogposts here.

Contact: @Pip#1249 on Discord

Favourite games: Divinity: Original Sin, Invisible, inc., Zelda: Breath of The Wild


Despite being given 12+ months of time, wFridge is yet to provide me with a bio to put here. So I guess I gotta write about him myself: fantastic gaming partner with a great sense of humour. Main source of ideas for our projects. Also contributes great art (once in a blue moon).

Favourite games: Dunno. He claims his 250 hours in Starbound are illegitimate because he forgot to turn the game off while he was sick for 2 weeks, but maybe he's too embarrassed to say that he loves it?